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EXP3 - MAP download

Filefront wouldn't work (no idea why), so I put it on

EXP3 - model images + comments

Curves are particularly symbolic for the body shape of women.
Madonna and Prada share one common purpose in their work - to express the beauty of women's body shape, through dancing and fashion (respectively).
The power of curvature, results in women's confidence.



The idea for this space comes from the curve of fabrics. Like a piece of clothing it wraps up the space.
Prada once mentioned that she doesn't understand why women like to expose a lot of their skin.
Clearly she is a more conservative person, but that does not hold her back from inspirations for fashion.

I got the idea for floral wall pattern from Prada's official website (in the wallpaper download section). Prada is very artistic, and I think the floral pattern suits her style.
The ground is somewhat contrasting to the wall, but a contrasting personality is exactly what Prada has.
Prada has mentioned in an interview before, that she does not like fashion. She was helpless when asked to continue the family business.

Second floor - blue lighting - the cold logical mind? A yearn for freedom? Or an indication for sadness?
P.S: Technical problem that cannot be fixed - when the elevator is imported, the back pattern disappears.

This is where all the inspirations come rushing in towards Prada.
But I cannot help feeling empty for her. She said in the interview that she is constantly battling with reality even though there will not be much changes happening.
I made her office near the window - but the second floor never reaches the window. (She had wanted to be a politician but it is like a scenery never reached her sight.)
The big spacious room is a place indicative of power, but also emptyness (somehow, in heart).

Back down to first floor.
By the window side there is a beautiful curvature approaching to somewhere high.
There was a technical difficulty actually - my fabric curve imported from Sketchup did not show up at all, so I sought for another solution - to break down the the fabric into strings (represented as the sticks..)

Coming down from the stairs.
P.S: Unreal did not seem to allow me putting anymore furnitures in to the environment ( I guess it is overloaded by the amount of curves I have included...) which is a shame.



Elevators from 2nd levels (from both Prada and Madonna's spaces) can come to the beam - where I have set as the meeting place.
It is noticeable from the first place - the pattern on the glass walls - triangles that are sharp and confronting.
From the researches I have done on the two clients, both Madonna and Prada have really strong will.
While Madonna is daring in confronting with religious and sex issues in her performances, Prada's aim for life is to change the world ( reflected in her most recent project - Transformer, and all the activities she involved in other than fashion - most well-known is probably yachting).

The dinning place is set on the right of the beam.
Since the place is for lunch, I decided to include softer lighting.
I deliberately left the ceiling open for sight, not only is this soothing the work stress, but also makes you feel like you own the sky.

The left hand side is a work lab for working crew.
I think it might be suitable too if it becomes a lunch place for people who work for the clients.



On the first sight of Madonna, strangely, I immediately thought of Virgin Mary - though they are totally unlike.
I found out later (on wikipedia) that Madonna's music was influence by her Catholic background. However I feel that she is constantly challenging the limit (not bounded by rules like a religious person) throughout her career - [Rodger Streitmatter reported in his book Sex Sells! (2004) that "from the moment Madonna burst onto the nation's radar screen in the mid-1980s, she did everything in her power to shock the public, and her efforts paid off".] Her rebellious personality coming out from a religious background is very interesting to me.
So I made this space - where the outer look is warm and angelic - the interior is wild and disco-mad.

Ground floor - this room is a dance studio - good for Madonna to practice. (For this I actually went to see what dance studios look like) Sadly there is no mirror texture in UT, so i used glass instead.
Madonna moves her body a lot during dancing, so I made the texture to seem as if the particles on the wall is moving along with her.
The lighting in her performances always use pink and light blue - which creates a mauve colour. Mysterious and wild.

Ground floor - I deliberately made the lighting suitable for night party.
Madonna likes to expose herself in front of the public to get attention, so I try hard not to create any barriers (eg. walls).

Second floor - the mover can be used as a dance tool...

Second floor - a resting place - good for a talk with old friends/a particular dancer or for interviews with reporters.
Lighting and ceiling texture made to suit Madonna.

Outdoor stage view - depends on natural lighting.


Tried my hardest to import things, but it seems that any more than what I have already would cause the program to shut down by itself with an error message... Some of the places look empty, but I really have no choice... Please understand.

EXP3 - Textures

EXP3 - elevators and dinning table

Dinning table:
Main purpose is to show the connection and the personalities between the two clients.
Curvature is the dominating feature of the whole design.

Prada's elevator:
There is a certain conservativeness about Prada.
She choose the family business over the dream of becoming a politician, not because she likes it but because of filial piety.
If she is a rebellious person she would not be framed by family responsibilities.

Madonna's elevator:
The pole can be used as a dance tool...
The torus around the pole supposedly has religious meanings (can represent the halo, or when you look at the three circles - God, Jesus and the spirit), but it's broken (fractionally)!
Well for one purpose it is so that my client can actually get IN to the elevator, the other purpose is to show - that she is not bounded by religious rules and constantly challenging them (i.e in her performances).

EXP3 - drafts

This post will be ordering images from newest to oldest.


The final model (without self-made textures applied)


Previous Progress Images:

Start second attempt:

First attempt - failed to see the imported fabric curve...
(here it goes, all the hard work in planning and Sketchup)


Too many sketches (at least 30 pages) I cannot be bother to upload them all.
Just upload a few here:

EXP3 - 36 sketches

"F" prisms:


"H" prisms:

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EXP3 - Article MashUp

Obama, as the first African-American to ascend to the highest office in the land; Prada, as an unlikely exception in fashion design; and Madonna, a performer who has spent 25 years shocking audiences through her stylistic reinvention, no one would be as different as their metier. There is striking unlikeliness through Prada's bold way of appropriating classic designs from treasures, and Madonna's repackaged fighter look. On the other hand, Obama distinguished himself with promises, embarked on ambitious recovery of the threat from terrorism and economic woes. They proposed aggressive onslaught moving toward deep resonance for their modesty and evolution.

Articles for Barack Hussein Obama (, Miuccia Prada ( and Madonna ( are obtained from The New York Times.


Barack Obama - Unknown, "Barrack Obama", The New York Times,, 7 May 2009

Miuccia Prada - Guy Trebay, "Miuccia Prada", The New York Times,, 7 April 2008

Madonna - Eric Wilson, "Who's That Girl?", The New York Times,, 17 July 2008